Our History


Daughters of the British Empire in Colorado

On September 30, 1983 DBE of Colorado received the Certificates of Incorporation and State Charter, starting with 23 members and two Chapters Winchester and Chatsworth. By 1985 membership had grown to 45 and a third Chapter, Sandhurst was added. The membership continued to grow, by our 10th Anniversary we had reached 76 and by 1996 we had nine Chapters and 109 members. 

In 2001 Colorado DBE hosted the Western District State Organizer Meetings at the historic Brown Palace Hotel and in 2005 the State Board accepted the responsibility of hosting the 29th Administration National Convention. It was a great success. 

Colorado has received the Marjorie Kirkland Award for increasing membership in the less than 150 membership category several times over the 36 years in operation, the latest being in 2018. 

Today Colorado has four chapters: Chatsworth (1983), Sandhurst (1985), Royal Daffodils and Commonwealth Rose (2007). Membership has fluctuated over the last few years due to an aging population but with new enthusiasm and internet help we are growing again; currently being at 50 with a new Chapter to start in Colorado Springs this fall.

Learn more about the Daughters of the British Empire by visiting the National DBE website.

Who We Support

The DBE motto is "Not Ourselves but the Cause." The DBE in Colorado fulfills this mission by not only providing friendship and fellowship to British or British Commonwealth immigrants in Colorado but through fundraising events. The DBE supports local charities and the British Senior Home in Sierra Madre, California. The Colorado DBE has raised over $25,000 for the senior home through our annual Victorian Tea.britishhome-ca.us/

We also support the British Cultural Garden in Cleveland, OH. Learn more about this garden. 

DBE Motto: "Not Ourselves But the Cause"
DBE Motto: "Not Ourselves But the Cause"