Our chapter is named after Sandhurst Royal Military College, which was established in 1802.

In 1894 one of the worlds most noted people, Sir Winston Churchill graduated from Sandhurst. Churchill liked to say that he himself represented an English-speaking Union, from an American mother and a British father. In pictures and words, in the paintings, books and beloved objects of his life, Sir Winston was more than a man of Great Britain and the United States alone.  He was a man for all nations and for all time. In 1963 he was declared an honorary citizen of the United States by Act of Congress and Presidential Proclamation.

Our chapter meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at one of the chapter member houses. We gather at 7:00pm to socialize, drink tea, catch up on news, and share the latest Brit finds in Colorado. The meeting commences at 7:30pm to discuss DBE news and our latest fund raising activities.  If you’re interested in joining come along to one of our meetings to see what we’re all about. Email us at info@dbecolorado.org for our next meeting date and location. We’d love to meet you!