For almost a century, Daughters of the British Empire has been a common bond for women of British Heritage living in the USA. Members join together in fellowship, contribute significantly to the good of their local community and support four retirement homes for men and women established by the DBE with one home located in each of the four districts of the Society. Continuing into the twenty-first century, members have maintained an extraordinary standard of volunteer work spanning two world wars, the Depression, right up through the liberated 80’s and beyond. They have a history of which to be duly proud.

The American based Society was founded in 1909 by Mrs. J. Elliot Langstaff, who while visiting Montreal, Canada became acquainted with the work of the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire. A Charter Chapter of the American organization was formed in New York on March 15th, 1909. The organization grew rapidly. On April 14th, 1920 the name National Society Daughters of the British Empire came into being. Now, as we say the rest is history.

DBE is a non-profit, non-political American organization and membership is extended by invitation, to women residing in the U.S. who are of British or British Commonwealth heritage by birth, naturalization or proven ancestry. Women, whose husbands are, or whose husband’s parent(s) or grandparent(s) are, of British or Commonwealth birth are also eligible for membership. Junior membership is available for eligible girls age 13 to 18 years of age. To learn more about DBE and its history in America, read our DBE History Brochure or visit the National Society’s web site.

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