The ‘Commonwealth of Nations’ is a free association of independent nations formerly subject to British imperial government, and maintaining friendly and practical links with the UK. In 1931 the Statute of Westminster established the British Commonwealth of Nations; the adjective ‘British’ was deleted after WWII. Most of the states granted independence, beginning with India in 1947, chose to be members of the Commonwealth.

Members in descending order of date of independence

United Kingdom Botswana
Canada Lesotho
Australia Barbados
New Zealand Nauru
South Africa Mauritius
India Swaziland
Sri Lanka Bangladesh
Ghana The Bahamas
Malaysia Grenada
Cyprus Mozambique
Sierra Leone Papua New Guinea
Cameroon Seychelles
Tanzania Solomon Islands
Western Samoa Tuvalu
Jamaica Dominica
Trinidad & Tobago Saint Lucia
Uganda Kiribati
Kenya Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
Malawi Vanuatu
Malta Belize
Zambia Saint Christopher and Nevis
Fiji Brunei
Singapore Guyana
Maldives Namibia