The Chatsworth Chapter of Colorado was named after Chatsworth House which is a stately home in Derbyshire, England, in the Derbyshire Dales.

The Chatsworth Chapter was the second Chapter formed in Colorado in 1983 (the first being Winchester).  Norah Perotin, Ann Writer, Doris Woodbury, Esther Kenny, Kay Johnson, and Cecily McKittrick founded the Chatsworth Chapter. Norah and Ann are still active members, both having served several terms as Regent of the Chapter, as well as State Board President, 1st, Vice President, 2nd Vice President, and Organizer. We are still in contact with co-founder Kay Johnson, who is now retired.

The first Chapter meeting was held at the home of Doris Woodbury, who is the mother of Valerie LoBue, a current member. Doris had been a long time member of the DBE in New Orleans, and was good friends with Wendy Roberts, (former National President) who was a big help to this new Chapter. In 2018, the Chatsworth Chapter will be celebrating its 35th year. There are several 10, 20, and 30 year members, each filling a variety of positions within the Chapter and State Board.

Norah Perotin, Kay Johnson, Doris Woodbury, and Florence Saunders are four of the DBE members who told their stories in a book entitled “War Brides and Memories of WWII” by Elizabeth Hawthorne. Three other Chapters in Denver contributed their stories to the book.

Chatsworth Chapter is an active participant in the Annual Victorian Tea, serving in any capacity that they are assigned, whether at the Bazaar, setting up the tea room, preparing food, or serving endless pots of tea.

Currently, our Chapter has one Friend at the Home and enjoys sending birthday cards, Christmas cards, etc. as well as gifts throughout the year. As well as supporting the British Home in California, Chatsworth Chapter donates to two local charities, namely, Freedom Service Dogs and Dominican Home Health Agency. Our Chapter meets the second week of the month (day varies) at 11:00a.m. in members’ homes or local English Tea Shops.

If you are considering joining our Chapter, or have questions, please contact us here. We look forward to meeting you.