1. Upton Snodsbury
It’s in Worcestershire, near North Piddle
2. Pucklechurch
In lovely South Gloucestershire.
3. Barton in the Beans
It exists.
4. Curry Mallet
Right at a crossroads in Somerset.
5. Droop
The Droop in Dorset, U.K.
6. Throop
In Dorchester, near Affpuddle.
7. Plumpton
In East Sussex, not too far from Ditchling.
8. Lickfold
In Lodsworth.
9. Warninglid
In West Sussex.
10. Nomansland
There are actually two Nomanslands in the U.K.: one in Wiltshire and another in Devon.
11. Uploders
In Dorset, along the River Asker.
12. Matching Tye
In Essex.
13. Nether Wallop
In Hampshire, a real kick in the pants.
14. Poling
In West Sussex, just south of Crossbush.
15. Patching
Also in West Sussex, quite near Poling.
16. Climping
Another West Sussex gem.
17. Didling
My kingdom for an additional “d” in West Sussex.
(If you must know, there is a Diddling Way in Florida.)
18. Crudwell
In Wiltshire. Note that there is also a West Crudwell, and beyond that, Chedglow.
19. Puddletown
An adorably-named spot in Dorset, near our next three spots….
20. Tolpuddle
A village just east of….
21. Affpuddle
Another village, also just east of….
22. Briantspuddle
Ah, Briantspuddle. Just down the road from Throop.
23. Westward Ho!
In Devon! On the coast!
24. Upper Bucklebury
In West Berkshire, south of Bucklebury proper.
25. Mudford Sock
In Somerset, west of Hummer.
26. New Invention
In West Midlands.
27. Picklescott
In Shropshire, northeast of Ratlinghope.
28. Marsh Gibbon
In Buckinghamshire.
29. Blubberhouses
In North Yorkshire.
30. Mamble
In Worcestershire.
31. Tedstone Wafre
In Herefordshire, and with the alternate spelling “Tedstone Wafer.”
32. Hose
In Leicestershire.
33. Hoby
Also in Leicestershire.
34. Shoby
Another Leicestershire favorite, a short jaunt from Saxelbye.
35. Thrumpton
In Nottinghamshire.
36. Bitchfield
In Lincolnshire, southwest of Humby and Great Humby.
37. Over Peover
In Cheshire East. To the east? Peover Heath. To the south? Badgerbank.
38. Wetwood
In Stafford.
39. Wetwang
In Yorkshire, due east of Uncleby.
40. Papplewick
In Nottingham.
41. Bishop’s Ichington
In Warwickshire.
42. Queen Camel
In Somerset, southeast of Compton Pauncefoot.
43. Great Snoring
In Fakenham, Norfolk.